Your Wedding Budget

Your Wedding Budget

How much should you set aside for your Wedding 

We British are notoriously tight lipped when it comes to talking about money. It’s almost considered bad taste to talk about it, which is silly really! But when planning a Wedding its a hurdle you’re going to have to get over.

As you know, me and James (my enduring fiancé) are planning out own wedding at the moment so we’ve had to deliberate this ourselves. I think we started off with a budget of £10000 for our quickie Vegas elopement with Elvis or New York Skyscraper wedding and the 3 week Route 66 Honeymoon- which for the two of us probably would have worked. But then we changed our minds. For like- the 50th time and we’re now getting married a little bit more locally so we’ve had to have a re-think!

According to a recent survey the average spend for a wedding in the North of England is £27000- and thats the AVERAGE! Which, lets face it, is a fairly hefty amount considering its above the average yearly income. That doesn’t mean by any means that you have to spend anywhere near that, i’ve seen couples spend as little as a few thousand pounds and opt to get creative with the decorations, venue etc and save themselves a fortune. I’ve also seen people spend upwards of £30/40k but the important thing here is to spend what you can afford and are happy to spend. I see so many people shelling out for things they ‘think’ they need, so it’s key to work out what matters to you the most and then work from there.

For us, the most important thing was the venue, we wanted somewhere super relaxed for the celebrations but I also wanted somewhere nice enough to do the photos inside if the weather was bad (photographer OCD) well, i mean, we all worry about the weather being bad but for me this was a biggy so i was careful to choose somewhere with beautiful big windows and lots of natural light, just in case!

To help you make a start on your budget list, i’ve listed the things I have budgeted for, have a flick through and see if there’s anything you’ve missed. A great way to start is by listing these items in order of importance, then after having a think about how much you can realistically afford to fork out you can start allocating amounts starting from the top and work from there. This way, the least important things can be considered or even removed all together if you decide they aren’t that important.

Venue & Food 





Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

Decoration & Favours




Registrar Fee



Make up


Invites & Save the Date’s






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