Wedding Videography Highlights Films

What is a Wedding Highlight Film?

A Wedding Highlights Film is just that, it’s the highlights of your wedding day all beautifully edited together to tell the story of your day through spontaneous natural moments. I want to create a beautiful film that allows you to relive your special day over and over!  The main difference between a highlights film and a full film is that highlights are set to music instead of sound. (If possible there may be small snippets of sound such as part of the vows or speeches- depending on permissions from registrars/officiants)

Why choose Highlights?

  • Highlights can be created in between Photography, by myself! So that means you wont end up with a huge ‘film crew’ at your wedding which, if you’re a little camera shy like most of my couples, tends to be a much more informal option
  • The cost. Full Wedding Videography comes at a significant cost – usually in the same ballpark as your Photographer. Lots of my couples don’t budget for Video but tell me they would love to have some snippets of their day filming- well hey presto!
  • Just one Photographer to get to know (that would be me) creating both your Photography and Highlights film

But surely you can’t do both?

I’ve been beavering away sneakily filming in between Photographing many beautiful weddings two years before offering this service to my couples. I wanted to make sure i could maintain the same quality of Photography whilst also filming the highlights. I have two cameras strapped to me on the day, one is set up for Video and one for Photography, allowing me to switch between the two quickly throughout the day, which means i can deliver full Photography coverage and Video alongside.

How much does it cost?

The price for an 8+ minute highlight film is £600.

The price includes:

  • A gorgeous 2+ minute video compilation of lovingly edited highlights in the form of a teaser trailer
  • A full 8+ minute video compilation lovingly edited in my style. This will be a minimum of 8 minutes long but usually much longer!

How do I book?

To add this onto your package just email me on

To see what a highlights film looks like, have a peek at Jess and Paul’s Mitton Hall Video Highlights trailer below.