Wedding Photography Highlights from 2014

Those who know me will tell you it’s not often I’m stuck for words….but I am a little- this year has been so incredible!

Personally, 2014 had big changes for me; me and the Mr have completely ripped apart our Victorian terrace and done it up, which was no mean feat and lets just say he’s aged a few years in the process! Most of my couples will know all about our house woes already so I won’t bore you further other than to say that 2015 will see the studio room finished so i’ll be doing lots more newborn, baby and family shoots and with a proper studio there will be lots of space for some new props and backgrounds.

On a more wedding related note, last year was the best ever! Easy to say, but I really mean it. Its been hard to choose the best bits of 2014 because there really are so many *enter belated blog post! I’ve been lucky enough to work at some of the most beautiful venues such as Eaves Hall, The Villa, Rivington Hall Barn, Heskin Hall, Inn at Whitewell, The Monastery, Crosby Hall just being a few of them.

I’ve met lots of lovely new suppliers from Flower Design, Joy Elizabeth MUA, Katy Grimshaw Hair Specialist, Carolines Beauty Spot MUA, Laura Mac, Little Limos, Broughton Wedding Cars and they are just the ones I can remember!

Other stuff I’ve done…. been on several training courses to keep up with new technologies and gadgets. As a photographer we never stop learning as everything is constantly changing, so these courses allow us to learn all about the latest lighting gadgets and software. But even more- I come out of training courses feeling refreshed and full of ideas which keep the creative juices flowing for all your lovely weddings.

Most importantly, I’ve met some of the most wonderful people, laughed and cried with you and been wowed by the beauty of your weddings which makes me feel very lucky to have such a wonderful job.

Thank you to all of my couples from the bottom of my heart for your trust and kindness and for allowing me to do my thing.

Here’s a few of the ‘best’ bits for 2014 weddings and engagement shoots, bring on 2015- just a wee bit excited!

2015-01-09_01332015-01-09_01082015-01-09_01072015-01-09_01062015-01-09_01052015-01-09_01042015-01-09_01032015-01-09_01022015-01-09_01012015-01-09_01002015-01-09_00992015-01-09_00982015-01-09_00972015-01-09_00962015-01-09_00952015-01-09_00942015-01-09_00932015-01-09_00922015-01-09_00912015-01-09_00902015-01-09_00892015-01-09_00882015-01-09_00872015-01-09_00862015-01-09_00852015-01-09_00842015-01-09_00832015-01-09_00822015-01-09_00812015-01-09_00802015-01-09_00792015-01-09_00782015-01-09_00772015-01-09_00762015-01-09_00752015-01-09_00742015-01-09_00732015-01-09_00722015-01-09_00712015-01-09_00702015-01-09_00692015-01-09_00682015-01-09_00672015-01-09_00662015-01-09_00652015-01-09_00642015-01-09_00632015-01-09_00622015-01-09_00602015-01-09_00592015-01-09_00572015-01-09_00562015-01-09_00552015-01-09_00542015-01-09_00532015-01-09_00522015-01-09_00512015-01-09_00502015-01-09_00492015-01-09_00482015-01-09_00472015-01-09_00462015-01-09_00452015-01-09_00442015-01-09_00432015-01-09_00422015-01-09_00412015-01-09_00402015-01-09_00392015-01-09_00382015-01-09_00372015-01-09_00362015-01-09_00352015-01-09_00342015-01-09_00332015-01-09_00322015-01-09_00312015-01-09_00302015-01-09_00292015-01-09_00282015-01-09_00272015-01-09_00262015-01-09_00252015-01-09_00242015-01-09_00232015-01-09_00222015-01-09_00212015-01-09_00202015-01-09_00192015-01-10_00022015-01-10_00012015-01-09_01382015-01-09_01372015-01-09_01362015-01-09_01352015-01-09_01342015-01-09_01322015-01-09_01312015-01-09_01302015-01-09_01292015-01-09_01282015-01-09_01272015-01-09_01262015-01-09_01252015-01-09_01242015-01-09_01232015-01-09_01222015-01-09_01212015-01-09_01202015-01-09_01192015-01-09_01182015-01-09_01172015-01-09_01162015-01-09_01152015-01-09_01142015-01-09_01132015-01-09_01122015-01-09_01112015-01-09_0110Inn at Whitewell wedding photography