The Long Engagement

The Long Engagement  

The Ramblings of an indecisive Photographer Bride-to-be

Most of my couples will know that i’ve been engaged now for quite a while. 4 years and 3 months to be exact! Yep, 4 years ago he hid a sparkly ring in a bag of Haribo and fumbled his way through a marriage proposal in the Doubletree Hilton in London. I said yes. Obviously!

We started talking about weddings but the reality was we didn’t even live together. I wouldn’t call myself a traditionalist, but there’s some things i’ve just always wanted to do  in a certain order, so we wanted to buy a house and the wedding would wait until that was sorted.

Fast forward four years and we’ve spent the last 3 of them knee deep in plaster dust (literally) as we’ve ripped apart our lovely victorian house and put it back together again. So, naturally the money pit has taken its toll on the wedding planning!

After a slightly unexpected conversation over a few drinks in York a few weeks ago, we’ve been plunged head first into planning our very own wedding as I went into full on panic mode about leaving it a moment longer!

Now let me say first of all, to all those people who have said “ahhh your wedding will be amazing, you’ll know exactly what you want and who you want to photograph it etc etc” errrrrr nope! I am quite possibly THE most indecisive person on earth when it comes to these things. In a professional sense, i’m super relaxed and organised but when it comes to planning my own wedding all of that cool, calm collectedness…..out the window! I guess what i’m trying to say here is that i’m just like you, a regular bride planning her wedding, perhaps just with a few more contacts!

I change my mind like i change my underwear and my crazy ideas have seen us go from the far flung depths of an African desert to quickie wedding in Vegas (with Elvis) to a New York skyscraper wedding. Then a Lake District country house to a wedding on the beach in Bora Bora! Seriously, this is how far flung my ideas are! Poor poor James.

So, I thought it might be both amusing and useful to anyone planning their own wedding to see how a photographer juggles her way through this process. We’re now planning to get married in the UK in a slightly more sensible fashion than the above so I’m going to blog about each part of my wedding planning process starting by looking at the different styles of wedding and some of the wedding venues i’ve been looking at. Lots of hints and tips on some stunning places I’ve found covering all types of budget using both my in depth venue knowledge and my own wedding research.

Stay tuned next week as I talk about different styles of wedding before considering wedding venues- you never know i might actually pick one!

Kathryn x

*Photo by David Stubbs