Stress Free Wedding Planning

Stress Free Wedding Planning

Now this is a tricky one, and I hear so often from friends about how stressful wedding planning was and how many times they fell out trying to agree on things. So it inspired me to write a post about stress free wedding planning. Now to an extent, there’s some things that you just can’t control when wedding planning, such as guests dropping out at the last minute or a trying to find bridesmaids dresses when you’re all dotted around the country and its impossible to get all the girls together. But, there are some things that I think can easily make your day easier and make the planning process so much less stressful so that you can actually enjoy the run up to the wedding.

Here’s my top tips for smooth sailing and a relaxed lead up to the wedding day:

Table Plan

This is probably the thing that causes people the most stress. You can’t sit aunty Doris next to Aunty Mavis because they don’t get on after that fateful Monopoly game they fell out over in 1983, or you can’t sit your brother not on the top table, blah blah!

Firstly, throw that ‘rule book’ out of the window, this is YOUR wedding! Perhaps you can consider informal dining? I’ve seen this a few times and allowing your guests to sit where they like makes for a very chilled out laid back atmosphere. You could still have a ‘Top Table’ if you want to make sure you have your parents/bridesmaids/siblings sat with you, then just allow everyone else to sit where they like. This negates the need for place names and favours too so you’ll save yourself some work there!

If you have your heart set on formal seating then choose a table plan that can be easily amended, last minute changes are bound to happen and if you can change it yourself then it’ll save any potential stress.


When planning your venue/s it’s really key to think about the logistics of the day. For example getting ready and home, then going to a church for the ceremony and then onto a hotel for the reception can be a lot of stress. One way to make that easier is to get ready at the hotel where you are getting married, then you don’t have to be packing your bags up in your wedding dress and worrying about forgetting your toothbrush!

I find that weddings that are all in one place are usually the most laid back and relaxed but if that’s not possible for you just consider logistics such as transport for your guests, and where you get ready in the morning, the less you have to move around, the more time you’ll have to enjoy your day!


So many of my couples do things differently now, whether that’s not having a cake cutting, or having just a few formal photos or throwing the first dance out the window, lots of people are saying no to the traditions in favour of a more fun focused day. I’m all for this, and my wedding will lack a lot of the ‘formalities’ but it’s worth remembering that older generations might struggle to understand this, they might even ask when these things are happening and be shocked or disappointed by the lack of it. So if you’re doing things a bit differently maybe include a little note with the invite, this way Aunty Doris can get her two penneth in before the wedding and when the day comes your guests know what to expect, avoiding awkward conversations!

You can’t please them all! 

Lastly, and rather importantly I think, learn to be ok with not being able to please everyone. Of course you want your guests to be happy, but ultimately it’s you two that will have to live with your decisions, so do what makes you feel happy and the chances are your guests will have a great time because you are!

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