How to plan a Village Hall Wedding

How to plan a Village Hall Wedding

I absolutely love Village Hall Weddings! This was my number one choice when we started planning our wedding. I just love the nostalgic feeling you get from a lovely Village Hall and the fact that you can totally do things your way without compromise. We looked at quite a few across Lancashire and was amazed by how many there are! Here’s a few reasons to consider a Village Hall Wedding.

Your Wedding- Your Way

The nice thing about a Village Hall is that its a total blank canvas and you can really make it your own! Although this can be a bonus and a chore so if you’re not overly creative and don’t have the inclination to get thrifty, it may not be for you. If you love getting crafty and creative then this might be your dream come true. The halls i looked at ranged from £200-£600 in hire price and usually includes the day before and after the wedding in the hire period.

It’s awesome that you’ll be able to choose the timings, guest number, food/drink and pretty much everything you want. But most halls don’t have a ‘Wedding Planner’ so it might be worth considering who can be the go to person on the day for suppliers setting up and generally making sure everything runs smoothly.

The same applies with the decoration, you’ll most likely have a lot more decor to think about, which is super exciting if you’re creative like me. But just make sure you have a plan for who is going to do it all. You’ll be able to set up the day before but perishable items like flowers and your cake/food will obviously need to be done on the day, allocate this job to someone who isn’t in the bridal party then you can relax and enjoy the day.


The biggest saving when choosing a Village Hall for your Wedding reception, is the food. This is where the costs mount up with a traditional venue and with 100 guests to feed this can be well in excess of 10k. You’ve chosen to do things your way which means you can hire in anyone you like and you can eat whatever your heart desires on your big day! Theres the good old caterers if you want a sit down meal. Or a more informal Hog Roast or my favourite, street food. These little food carts will come to your wedding and park up outside providing hot street food in a totally informal and really cool alternative to the wedding breakfast. You could even have an Ice Cream truck for desert! There really are so many options here, with no venue constraints you can choose whatever you want and save yourself a fortune!


Quite often Village Halls don’t have a fully stocked bar. Which means you can often save yourself a pretty penny on welcome drinks. You could provide a set amount of Prosecco/Pimms for the arrival drinks. Then ask guests to each bring a bottle of spirit with them and you provide all the mixers, you’ll definitely need a couple of people to act as bar staff so paying a reliable friend/contact to do this is essential. If you find this option a bit too stressful theres lots of bar hire companies and many of them wont charge you a hire fee as long as they make over a certain amount behind the bar. This way could be more expensive if you’re wanting to provide arrival drinks but so much simpler to arrange!


Location is a biggy if you’re planning to have a Village Hall Wedding. You’ll need to consider where your guests will stay. Are there enough hotels nearby for all your guests? Are those hotels wedding venues? If they are, and theres a wedding on the same day you’ll need to check if there will be rooms available as they often reserve them for wedding guests. Could you put on a vintage bus to transport all your guests to and from the venue? If you choose one in the right area this might not be a problem but its definitely something to consider unless you want all your guests driving to and from your wedding which might make for an empty dance floor!

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