Paul & Jess’ Mitton Hall Wedding

Paul & Jess’ Mitton Hall Wedding was an absolute corker of a day; a delightful wintry wedding at the most beautiful Mitton Hall in Clitheroe, Lancashire.

From the moment i met Jess and Paul and they described their relaxed and informal day, I knew it would be amazing! I asked Jess and Paul to tell me about how they got together and they shared their story with me which was written for their humanist ceremony:

“Jess and Paul first met during a college music event. They didn’t really notice each other much, just the fact that Jess wanted to stay out and party, whereas Paul wanted to drive everyone back early as he had work the next day. It was only months later through the wonderful world of MSN messenger they finally talked “face to face” by which we mean webcam.

Now, it is fair to say Jess had had a few drinks (sorry Elaine and Martin, it was no wonder your Bacardi tasted a little diluted!) and was dressed up as a pirate, of course only to show their mutual friend Sarah, what she could possibly wear for her 18th fancy dress party. Paul being as charismatic and blunt as he can be, simply asked Jess for her number and later on a date. Even though Jess explained he wouldn’t be able to find her house in Winmarleigh, he was insistent he would pick her up in his much adored first car.

Of course, Jess was right, Paul called a nervous Jessica sat in her bedroom window waiting, telling her he was on her lane – only in Out Rawcliffe. Jessica’s mum dropped her off to meet Paul somewhere a little easier to navigate. After a final face to face greeting, Jess opened the car door only to be greeted by yet another two grinning faces. He’d brought wingmen, one being their best man here today.

Fast track through a rollercoaster of events ; Jess passes her driving test (probably best), Paul embraces male-pattern baldness, 21st birthdays, first holiday, months apart, universities, two family weddings, first home, second home, a lot of different cars, career changes, a brace of nieces, more cars. They now stand here 9 years later, both part of two supportive families.

PS: No romantic proposal”

Mitton Hall Wedding

Mitton Hall never fails to impress, the staff are fabulously helpful and friendly, the location is beautiful no matter what the time of year, and the food is to die for!

The morning with the girls was the perfect mix of nerves and emotion as Jess got ready with her sisters and mum in the bridal suite at Mitton Hall. Paul was just down the corridor with Best Man and the boys having an equally chilled morning.

Paul and Jess chose a humanist ceremony which was done by Jess’ uncle and made their day so personal and heartfelt.

Here’s a slideshow of the highlights from their gorgeous Mitton Hall Wedding, enjoy!


Venue- Mitton Hall

Flowers- The Flower Shop Clitheroe 

Venue Dressers- Creative Cover Hire

Bride’s Dress- Enchanted Brides

Rings- David Burns The Jewellers

Entertainment- DFC




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