Lancashire Engagement Photography

Charlotte & Matt are getting married on New Years Eve! I know. How exciting! They have chosen the Dunkenhalgh Hotel and Spa in Accrington, Lancashire for their Wedding reception after the church ceremony and i’m a teeny bit excited about the party!

I’m a real sucker for a love story so I always ask couples how they met, here’s their story:

“We both met whilst at college back in 2005 at St Mary’s in Blackburn. We both studied geography and geology. Charlotte was ‘the girl in the Burnley shirt’ and Matt was ‘the quiet cute guy’. 2 years of classes and field trips together but never spoke to each other.

Fast forward to 2013. A mutual friend was on a night out with Matt. I saw some pictures on Facebook and asked how my friend knew Matt. She got all excited and promised to set us up as we’re perfect for each other. After a friend request and some messages we went on a date. Matt picked me up in his 1958 VW beetle (which will be the wedding car). After. A few mechanical issues we got to the restaurant and had a lovely first date.

3 years later, a house and a degree completed we went to Paris just before Christmas. After a full day exploring the city we decided to get underneath the tower to watch it sparkle. At 9pm on Saturday 17-12-16 Matt got down on one knee. He’d spent the past few months sneaking round and hand making the ring himself!”

Lancashire Engagement Photography

I met up with Charlotte & Matt at Oakhill Park in Accrington for a catch up and their Engagement Photo Session. I love these sessions as we get chance to have a giggle whilst taking a few natural photos. Couples always tell me how much more relaxed they feel about their photography after, which really helps on the wedding day.

Here’s a few of my favourites from their session.