Great John Street Wedding Photography

Great John Street Wedding Photography 

A Manchester city centre wedding in October with one hell of a party and so much style.

Sarah & Chris’ wedding was unbelievably awesome from beginning to end, Sarah meticulously planned every little detail and wanted the perfect relaxed day so guests could enjoy the informal celebrations, they certainly got that with bells on!

Great John Street Hotel is right in the heart of Manchester City Centre and perfectly set up for a good old knees up! Its an old school so has bags of character and hotel rooms and areas are named after its fascinating past which makes this place all the more interesting. GJH has a gorgeous heated roof terrace so when you get married here you can enjoy reception drinks with a view of manchester city centre- what could be better than that!?

On the day Sarah wore a unique and fabulous lace dress with hints of pink underneath to compliment her bridesmaids dresses. Chris wore a classic three piece navy suit which seemed to suit the venue and style to a tee. Guests piled in from all over to help them celebrate their big day and after an emotional ceremony it was time to relax. Sarah and Chris opted for informal seating and a barbecue and amazingly the October weather was on top form with a full afternoon of sunshine so they could enjoy the outdoor air and the most informal wedding breakfast I have ever seen.

After the hilarious and heartwarming speeches it was time to party and boy did they! Everyone piled on to the dance floor as Amped Up got the party started.

It was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with this gorgeous pair and their friends and family.

The amazing wedding team:

Dress- Adele Howarth Winstanley Bride

Bridesmaids- Asos

Florist – Jemma Holmes

Entertainment- Amped Up

Make up – Lizzie Griffiths MUA




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