Astley Hall Lancashire Wedding Photography- Mark & Charlotte

A relaxed summer wedding in one of Lancashire’s finest wedding venues

This was to be the first time I had photographed a wedding at Astley Hall and I was very excited for Mark and Charlotte’s wedding. Mark and Charlotte are caring, playful and intelligent, and completely besotted with each other. Originally meeting in London where they were working as school teachers and now both living together in Preston with their fur baby Oscar, they have big dreams and together i’m sure they’ll achieve everything.

There was so much excitement in the air on arriving at Charlotte & Mark’s house for bridal preparations, the bride looked absolutely beautiful as she had the final touches to her hair.

The buzz of excitement continued at the church as the sound of the brass band started practicing and gave everyone goose pimples. Then came the unfamiliar sounds blasting out of the most amazing wedding transport i have ever seen, Charlotte’s dad had lovingly restored an old bike and made a custom made side car from an old dodgem buggy, they had to drive at 10mph all the way to the church not to ruin Charlottes hair but they looked like they had a ball as they pulled up to the church- music blaring as charlotte waved her arms.

The lovely venue co-ordinator welcomed us as we arrived at Astley Hall, the weather was glorious and the venue and staff couldn’t be more helpful and professional. After the wedding breakfast we wandered down toward the lake for some photographs, our path blocked as we encountered a swan and its ‘wife’, as we started recalling swan horror stories it swan started edging toward us as we attempted to get down the narrow path to the lake. As we got a little closer it started moving toward us. Faster. Faster. Faster as us ladies of course ran in the other direction screaming leaving Mark to heroically stand up to the swan as it barged into him then edged away nursing its bruised wing. Following that, two other couples passed the swan unscathed so feeling brave we decided to climb further up the banking and walk past again. Thinking we had gotten away. Only to hear the familiar “pad, pad. pad” as the Swan chased us once again. After out-running it, hearts beating ten to the dozen, red faced and giddy we spent some time trying to calm ourselves after our ‘near death experience’.

The adrenaline was pumping after the swan attack and the party was just as fun-filled with the Brothers of Swing serenading all the guests and making Nanna blush as we said our goodbyes.

Thank you to my trusty sidekick and second photographer Amy Bellamy.

The Suppliers:

Food- Southcott Catering

Venue- Astley Hall 

Hair and Make up- Event Glamour

Florist- Honeys Hideaway Floral Couture

Dress- Wed 2 B

Suits- Moss Bros

Entertainment- Brothers of Swing

Transport- Big Slo Limo (Car) and Dad’s own motorbike and homemade sidecar

Chair Covers & Games- Big White Events Company