Destination Wedding Photography- Bucket List


Destination Wedding Photography- Bucket List

I’m a safari loving travel junkie whose idea of a dream holiday consists of travelling to the far flung depths of Ethiopia to live with tribes in mud huts. Seriously! I’ve lived in Peru, Safari’d in 6 African countries, island hopped in Thailand and I’m still craving so much more from the world. Our next holiday in October is touring the remote Omo region of Ethiopia to live with tribes- much to the delight of my fiancé who is thrilled about eating goat and rice for three weeks!

It was actually my love for travel and humanitarian photography that lead me to into wedding photography. The rest is history as they say, or destiny, I’ve found my calling.

There’s something about travelling to a new place that heightens the senses, and enriches our soul. When I go to a new amazing wedding venue, or a little town I’ve not been before, I’m so excited, my eyes are darting everywhere and without even trying I’m capturing more of the essence of the place because I’m seeing it for the first time.

So, for years i’ve had this mental ‘bucket list’ of places I would love to shoot a wedding, but its no use in my head! So. Here goes. My list of places I’d ADORE to shoot a wedding, it’s not exhaustive and I may well add to it so if you’ve got something AMAZING planned I would love to hear it! And if you are getting married in any of the below locations, get in touch now, I’ll literally dance and jump up and down, then give you a huge discount. Seriously! It may just cost a lot less than you think to have me at your destination wedding, and if time allows and I can turn it into a jolly holiday, even better!

  • A festival themed wedding in the woods- UK or worldwide
  • New York City Wedding
  • A wedding at one of Italy’s beautiful lakes
  • Anywhere in Africa- brownie points for the most remote place!
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Las Vegas Wedding- with or without Elvis!
  • French Polynesia/Hawaii
  • San Francisco
  • Caribbean